Patriots Claim 1st Position in Rwanda Basketball League 2024 with Victory Over APR BBC

In a thrilling showdown at Lycee de Kigali Gymnasium on March 15th, 2024, the Patriots Basketball Club secured the coveted top spot in the Rwanda Basketball League 2024 after defeating APR BBC with an impressive score of 73-59. Led by standout performances from key players, Patriots showcased their dominance on the court throughout the game. […]

Women’s Afrobasket2023: Rwandan team

Photos by Shema Innocent. This year’s women Afro basket has kicked off well for Rwanda; happening at BK Arena, Rwanda won their first game played on 28th, July, 2023. Rwanda led the first quarter of the game after Assouma Uwizeye scored 6 points and 2 rebounds. In the second quarter, the host team kept its […]

FIBA AfroCan 2023: Morocco emerges as champions

July, 16th, 2023, will forever be etched in African Basketball history as Morocco won the FIBA AfroCan 2023 finals. Morrocco beat Ivory Coast 78-76points in an increadible and top-level match at Arena de Kilamba which once again confirms the victory and dominance of first half finals in competition. Both teams showed exceptional determination throughout the […]

FIBA AfroCan 2023: Rwanda finishes in third place

After battling it out with Democratic Republic of Congo on July, 16th, 2023, at Arena de Kilamba in Luanda, Rwanda emerged 3rd best basketball team in FIBA AfroCan 2023.With an overall win of 82-73 against their counterparts, Rwanda’s win was made possible by Kendall Gray who scored 11 points, 7 rebounds and 23 effectives.“ I’m […]

Olympic game qualifiers: Rwanda knocked out of the qualifiers

On Sunday 16th, July, 2023, Rwanda’s women’s football team(She Amavubi) lost their chance to play in the Olympic games after the Uganda women football team(crested cranes) beat them 1-0 in a match played at Kigali Pele stadium in Nyamirambo. despite each team’s effort to see through the other’s net, none was lucky. Both the first […]

FIBA AfroCan 2023: Rwanda off to the semi-finals

On 13th, July, 2023, Angola’s men’s national team was eliminated from FIBA AfroCan semi-finals after they lost to Rwanda’s men’s basketball national team in a game played at Arena de Kilamba in Luanda-Angola. Rwanda’s lead in the first quarter of the game is attributed to; Sano, Ntore and Nshobozwa who scored 23 points against Angola’s […]

Olympic game qualifiers: Uganda’s crested cranes draw with Rwanda’s She Amavubi

Photos by Shema Innocent and Gatsinzi Dan In a match played at Kigali Pele stadium in Nyamirambo on Wednesday 12th, July, 2023, the Uganda women’s national team(Crested cranes) faced Rwanda’s women national team(she Amavubi) as both teams try to pave their way into the ‘Olympic games qualifiers’ that will be played in Paris-France in 2024. […]

Beautiful photos from Rwanda

Wildlife photography; This is at UMUSAMBI village and this photo is for the birds called Grey crowned cranes many Rwandans call it Umusambi. Sports photography; A photo of beach volleyball between East African Police’ during the AEPCO tournament. Advertising photography; An example of how printing companies show different types of designs they make. Landscape photography; […]

BAL Playoffs: Egypt’s Al Ahyl 2023 champions

May 27th, 2023 will forever be etched in African Basketball history as Al Ahly won the Basketball Africa League finals. Al Ahyl beat Senegal’s AS Douanes 80-65 points in an incredible and top level match at BK Arena which once again confirms the victory and dominance of Nile Conference in this competition. Both teams showed […]

Environment conservation: H.E Paul Kagame and BAL delegates take part

As part of Rwanda’s commitment to sustainable environment protection and conservation, H.E Paul Kagame, the first lady, BAL president and other delegates on May, 27th, 2023 planted trees at Nyandungu Urban Wetland park in Kigali. Planting trees is an essential action to protecting the environment and fighting against climate change reason the Nyandungu urban wetlands, […]