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Are there standards for attending a friend’s graduation?

As I sit down, knowing fully well that in less than 24 hours I will be attending my friend’s graduation celebration party, I freak out a little not knowing what to do.

Celebrating your friend’s success.

Should I get her a gift? Do I find time and attend the whole ceremony before the party?

There are a lot more questions that are running through my mind, the last time I attended a graduation party was possibly 10 years ago and all I was expected to do was show up with my parents which is not the case this time.

It would however be easy if everything was just black and white but it is not, there has to be grey.

However, the standards for attending a friend’s graduation could be looked at as simple and straightforward by some.

First and foremost, being a good friend means taking the time to celebrate your friend’s success. Attending their graduation ceremony is the perfect way to show your support and congratulate them.

I am confident that the gift won’t be expensive, but my cheer as goes to receive her certificate will be the loudest, as my way of showing my appreciation of her hard work in her 8 months .

You should also bring a small gift to show you care. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just a token of appreciation.

Finally, make sure you dress appropriately, especially because most of these celebration parties are thrown by parents and family so dress accordingly.

Remember to put your friend’s religion into consideration when choosing your outfit.

This reminds me of the time I accompanied my aunt to her friend’s graduation in a mini-skirt, only to realize that her family was religious and very conservative which was an automatic minus for me in a mini outfit and my aunt wearing trousers.

This time however I am very well informed. They do say fool me once shame on me, twice though no.

Graduation ceremonies are usually a formal event, so make sure you’re dressed in your best.

Remember your friend is the center of attention or as we say ‘the main character’ on this day, so give them that acknowledgement.

Don’t try to outshine them on their special day, they worked hard to get there.

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