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A delve into the versatile world of photography by Kansiime Pretty

Photography, just like any other forms of art is not limited to just one but many forms that allow it to explore a wide range of options. It is This versatility allows the capturing of moments, emotions, cultures, places and so much more.

Below are some of the many forms under which photography falls.

1. Still life photography

This is a form of photography used to depict inanimate subject matter. It involves careful arrangement of objects for the purpose of creating a visually appealing image

The Picture below of any empty Fanta bottle carefully placed on a wooden surface is a perfect example.

2. Landscape photography

Defines as the art of capturing nature and the outdoors in a way that brings the viewer into the scene, it ranges from grand landscapes to intimate details. Below is the majestic mount Sabyinyo within the background of the photo

it is one of the five mountains that make up the famous Virunga ranges in the North Eastern part of Rwanda. It is the oldest within the Virunga ranges and has an elevation of 3,669m.

3. Street photography

This is a genre of photography that captures everyday life in a public place. Below is a photo of the KABC building at Gishushu in Kigali, known to be one of the most vibrant places in the evenings around town. Wholesome ae seated in cafes catching up on life events, others are in bars winding down after a long day and some are in and out of shopping malls. There are also some vehicles caught on sight as the building in the center of the city.

4. Portrait photography

It aims to capture the identity, personality and essence of a subject. In this photo is a clear depiction of a portrait of a jubilant young man, expressing triumph with a smile across his face and fist up in air after completing 3,474m hike all the way to the peak of mount Gahinga, the smallest of the 5 volcanic mountains in the North eastern part of Rwanda.

5. Wildlife photography

This kind of photography concerned with documentation various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. In the photo below is a perfect example, a beautiful multicolored butterfly carefully settles on a typical grass leaf covered in nature’s dust.

6. Documentary photography

A popular form of photography used to portray chronicle events. Below is a series of sunsets, showing the gradual setting the sun

As seen in the photos, at first the sun is fully visible and in the last photo, it is almost fully out of sight

Conclusively, the above mentioned forms of photography are just but a few of the numerous ones that went un mentioned. The world of photography remains vast, yet there is a possibility for it to be expanded further.

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