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When talent pays your tuition

I had to work twice hard to be able to obtain an education“, Rwema Christian

Following his cousin whenever he we went to play basketball motivated Rwema to learn the sport.

In 2018; at age 17, he moved to Rwanda and joined ‘Don Bosco’ a basketball team from DRC(Democratic Republic of Congo) where he played the sport as a hobby and a way of acquiring school fees since the team belonged to the school.

Meanwhile, he was also getting ‘bonuses’ and a salary which he saved and later started a business of selling socks.

Rwema would buy socks from Congo at 500Frw but sell them at 2000Frw in Rwanda as a way of maximizing on his come to solve the many issues he says he had.

Juggling his small business, school and the sport wasn’t an easy task for the basketball player but he said he had to find all possible means to make it work.

Not performing well at school would cost me my scholarship something I didn’t want, neither did I want to stop my business hence I worked twice hard to balance the two“.

Presently owning a ‘sports center’ dealing in sports shoes, socks, jerseys and other basketball equipment, the 22 year old advices sports personalities not to rely on their careers only as a source of income.

“These careers are short lived, today you’re playing and the next day you get an injury and its all gone, one should always have a side hustle”, Rwema urges fellow sports personalities.

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