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“Intelligence of the SHEM Basketball Team”

SHEM is an organization that works in several areas in the city of Goma, which is based especially in the charitable work of marginalized children by helping them while based on good development is the development of youth in various activities, thus they thought of the creation of a basketball team to keep some young people away from the street to give them this opportunity to work in a sports field that will allow them to express themselves differently in Another Path than Delinquency.

Players celebrate their success for the season 2022-2023 season final

As we know at the head of each team stands a coach, and for the SHEM team the man above the team is named Marima Ja morant who has managed this team for 5 years and he has experienced a lot of difficulties, he explains to us how he managed these difficulties until he arrived at the final of the regional championship he won. “Since my arrival, the club has undergone a significant transformation. We evolved together, overcoming challenges and celebrating victories”.

Marima Jamorant, the head coach of SHEM basketball team

 As well as after 2 years of creating his basketball team in the city of Goma in Democratic republic of Congo, after several victories in the 2nd division they saw fit to try the first division with several players too young to his credit. The 2021-2022 season was the season of success for the club that had qualified for the regional championship until the final they won which was the opportunity for the team to register its name in the city of Goma as the best team by winning a double trophy including one of the champions as well as the other of their player named MOISE BUKENGU as MVP of the season 2022-2023.

The captain of the team MOISE BUKENGU In a final match of the 2022-2023 season

It should be noted that MOISE BUKENGU has been part of the team for three seasons, he who was a player who played in a small team in the Katindo district still in the city of Goma « I had the privilege of being part of this team for a significant period of time, which greatly enriched my sporting career. This experience allowed me to develop not only my technical skills, but also my leadership and teamwork skills. Every training, every match, every victory and every defeat have been opportunities to learn and grow. My relationships with my teammates have evolved beyond the field, we have become a real family. We shared moments of joy, challenge and sometimes disappointment, but these shared experiences brought us closer together and strengthened our bond. In short, my career with this team has been an incredibly rewarding and formative adventure. »

We had the privilege of following the career of this exceptional captain from his arrival in the club until this 2022-2023 season finale where he was appointed MVP.

“First of all, I would like to emphasize that this victory is the result of a collective effort. Each member of our team played a crucial role, demonstrating unwavering determination and an ability to overcome challenges. We worked hard, remained focused and showed great resilience. Our intensive training, the strategies developed by our coach and the harmony that reigns within the team have been key elements of our success. This victory is not only mine, but that of the whole team. I am really honored to be part of this exceptional group.”

Aaron Mpanda, right winger of SHEM basketball team               

Also as part of our intervention we had the opportunity to meet one of the important players of the team who gave us his opinion for this victory . The named Aaron Mpanda who evolves in the position of right winger gives us his point of view for this greatest achievement of with his team  “This victory is more than a simple victory for me, it is the realization of a dream. My journey has prepared me for this moment. The support of our fans was incredible. Their energy took us through every game. This victory is also theirs.”

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